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Flying with CBD Gummies: What You Need to Know

It’s high time to take to the skies. One-third of American adults have used CBD products, and many take those products wherever they go, including on airplanes. 

Can you fly with CBD gummies? The short answer is yes, but the truth is more complicated for several reasons. If you want to avoid legal problems, you must learn about several regulations and develop good practices for flying with CBD gummies. Here’s what you should know.

TSA Standards for CBD

The TSA allows any traveler to bring CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC. You can also bring any product that the FDA approves, regardless of how much THC is in the product. 

CBD isolates contain zero THC. Hemp derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC.

The TSA screens bags and passengers for security threats, not for illegal substances. If they find an illegal substance, an agent will notify the police. The TSA agent can decide whether to allow an item through the checkpoint, so if they think your CBD gummies have too much THC in them, they will ask you to throw them away.

TSA agents cannot conduct on-site tests to determine how much THC is in your products. This means you should print off the testing done by your CBD company to prove the amount of THC in your product. You can bring your items in a carry-on or checked bag. 

The three-ounce liquid rule applies not to gummies but to tinctures, oils, lotions, and any CBD liquid product. If you bring a tincture, put it in a three-ounce container inside a clear plastic bag. 

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State Guidelines

States have different laws for CBD and THC, and you must be mindful of them. Some states like Arkansas let you bring CBD gummies with high amounts of THC if you carry a medical cannabis license. Other states like Delaware permit CBD oil but not CBD gummies. 

You can generally bring CBD gummies if the CBD comes from hemp, not cannabis. Hemp contains naturally lower amounts of THC, so you should fall under state and federal guidelines. 

Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Utah do not allow any CBD edibles, regardless of how much THC they have. Idaho does not permit any products with THC, even in trace amounts, which most CBD gummies have. 

Review the laws for your destination in full before you travel there. If you’re uncertain about the legality of your edibles, you should avoid bringing them, as many states will imprison you for violating their marijuana laws.

International Guidelines

Regulations for CBD and THC vary wildly depending on which country you go to. Most countries have strict laws against marijuana and cannabis, including derivatives like gummies, and you cannot bring your gummies even for medical reasons. Other countries have decriminalized CBD, meaning you won’t go to prison but can face fines for having gummies. 

CBD does not appear on most drug tests or create a high, so you won’t get in trouble if you take a gummy before traveling abroad.

You should talk to a lawyer before traveling abroad with your gummies, even in small amounts. You should have a copy of the laboratory test results for your gummies with you and clearly indicate how much THC they contain. 

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Traveling With Your CBD Gummies

You should put your gummies in a clear plastic bag that you or an agent can easily remove from your bag. Fold up the test results for your gummies and place them beside the gummies. You can keep the gummies in a bottle to keep them safe. 

If you have a cannabis license or a doctor’s prescription for CBD, you should have a copy near your gummies. You can keep it in your wallet if you want to be discreet.

The package for your gummies should protect them from heat and pressure. If you’re worried that other items may crush your gummies, you can wrap the package in a shirt or jacket. You can also place them in a front pocket so other items don’t touch them.

You can take gummies in the airport whenever you want. You can take gummies on an airplane. Gummies can take an hour or more to kick in, so you can take your gummy just before boarding the plane and feel its effects during take-off. See how much CBD is in your gummies to adjust your dosage level; you may only need half a gummy to experience strong effects.

Some people prefer to buy CBD gummies at their destination instead of flying with them. You can visit a CBD store at your destination or buy products in advance and ship them to the home you’re staying at or a friend’s house. 

You can take CBD oil instead of gummies, especially if they have less THC than your gummies. However, gummies are discreet and have delicious flavors, so they’re usually your best option when taking CBD outside your home.

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Can You Fly With CBD Gummies?

Can you fly with CBD gummies or not? If your gummies have no THC or trace amounts of THC, you can bring them to nearly all states and countries. If your gummies have THC, even if they’re below the federal limit of 0.3%, you should be careful when bringing them abroad. 

Talk to legal professionals and review laws before traveling anywhere with gummies. When in doubt, don’t bring them or take a small amount you can consume at the airport before boarding your plane.
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