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CBD Topicals For Pain 

CBD is a natural remedy that you can use to enhance your wellness and maintain balance between your physical and mental healing. It is no secret that CBD is becoming a more popular way to combat issues of pain and diet, as well as strengthen emotional wellbeing. When it comes to CBD, there is a lot to discuss– like which varieties will help you most, when and how much to take, and where to get your products from. 

CBD products from Fiddler’s Green CBD come in a variety of edible and topical products (how about forms, instead of products? which is used too much). What are topical CBD products? They are CBD-infused lotions, creams, balms or salves, that can be absorbed by applying them directly to the skin. If you are tired of living with agonizing pain, try our CBD roll-on for pain, as a gentle holistic way to treat yourself without any expensive, pharmaceutical chemicals.

CBD is everywhere nowadays; you can vape it, drink it, or even bathe with it. And did you know that this captivating little compound has pretty amazing benefits when used as a pain management agent in the form of a CBD muscle rub

  • We craft our CBD pain relief products with things like coconut oil and beeswax.
  • We have lovely, citrus-scented products for relaxation.
  • We also have unscented lotion and other lotions with pleasing scents like Egyptian Dragon or Peppermint.
  • We infuse our base peppermint, menthol, and shea olein with CBD  to create our CBD muscle rub to aid in relieving sore muscles.
  • We have products with different strengths so that there is something to fit everyone’s needs!

At Fiddler’s Green CBD, we grow multiple strains of CBD, offering a rich cannabinoid profile to suit your every need. We offer a wide variety of products you can choose from. Our staff of Certified CBD Consultants love to talk with customers and can help refer products to help with conditions like pain, sleep difficulties, or anxiety issues. 

CBD Pain Stick

Fiddler’s Green CBD is a 3rd generation, veteran-owned farm. Our aim is bringing high quality CBD products to your doorsteps, without any shipping costs. We grow our own CBD to produce a variety of products. 

  • We follow organic practices while growing CBD for our products, including our salve and CBD pain stick
  • Our CBD-rich hemp varieties come from clones with stable genetics. 
  • We conduct 3rd party testing to ensure adherence to industry standards.
  • We do not just resell products from bulk factories, like most CBD companies.
  • Fiddler’s Green CBD is where you will get higher doses at much lower rates- all thanks to our growing and processing facilities.
  • Everyone on our team is a Certified CBD Consultant.
  • Our products are made from multiple strains of CBD.
  • Every CBD pain stick and salve under our banner, is Good Manufacturing Practices certified.


Do not let pain haunt your nights. Instead, visit our Fiddler’s Green CBD store to buy your CBD muscle rub and get relief today!

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