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Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies: What To Look For And How To Buy

What are they?

Unlike CBD oil, which is made using all parts of the cannabis plant, hemp oil or hempseed oil comes from only the seeds of the plant. Hemp seeds don’t contain CBD. For full spectrum CBD gummies to be legit, they need to contain CBD oil, not hempseed oil.


It seems like an easy distinction, but some companies falsely market hemp gummies as full spectrum CBD gummies. Unless you’re taking a closer look at the ingredients, it can be easy to fall for the fraudulent claim.

One red flag? Price. If the pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Why Gummies?

CBD gummies are always a nice treat anytime. With a variety of different flavors, you won’t get stuck eating the same ones over and over. Some CBD gummies are also made vegan and gluten free to fit everyone’s lifestyle. CBD gummies also are absorbed a lot easier by your body and have better and stronger effects.

Pros and Cons

CBD gummies can be bought for individual purpose. You can buy CBD gummies for sleep, anxiety, different body pains just to name a few. Full Spectrum CBD gummies can tackle many different mental and physical issues at once. CBD gummies in general can have different vitamins and minerals to help with overall health. On the other hand, figuring out a proper CBD dosage can be frustrating. Some people can experience dry mouth, loss of appetite, just feeling overall tired. Hemp seed oil can have the same side effects. Since hempseed oil doesn’t use the whole plant usually isn’t as strong.


How to Shop

You cannot buy Full Spectrum CBD gummies from Amazon or other popular sites due to marketing restrictions. Full Spectrum CBD gummies are available on most CBD companies’ sites. If you are looking for THC free CBD gummies, you may have to look even harder. At Fiddler’s Green CBD we provide both full spectrum and THC free gummy options to our customers.

Health Benefits and Risks

In one recent study, nearly 40% reported that CBD had been effective in reducing their normal pains they experienced daily. It is also well-tolerated and associated with gains in physical function and sleep quality. CBD use does have some potential risk in that you could experience some minor side effects. Always check with your doctor before usage, especially if you are on blood thinners and/or taking other prescription medications.


  • Why Buy CBD Gummies from Fiddler’s Green-CBD?
    • A:We offer superior CBD products. All our products are tested three times and in accordance with the Federal regulations. Also, we farm and harvest the hemp ourselves so you can get farm to home CBD items at a lower cost and higher concentration.
  • What Are CBD Gummies?
    • They are the most common edible candies that contain Cannabidiol (CBD). They come in a variety of potencies, shapes, and flavors.
  • What Are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?
    • Promotion of relaxation and calmness, resulting often in better sleep. They also help decrease the effects of stress and anxiety.
  • Which CBD Gummy Product is Right for Me?
    • There are many different factors that go into answering this question. Reach out to us at Fiddler’s Green CBD and a Certified CBD Consultant from our team will talk with you about your individual needs and find the right CBD gummy to fit you and your specific needs.
  • Are CBD Gummies as Effective as Other CBD Products?
    • Yes, the only difference between a gummy and tincture is the delivery system. Gummies must go through the digestive tract. Tincture gets into the blood stream. Therefore, a gummy will take a longer time to process, but lasts longer than the sublingual consumption because it takes longer to metabolize.
  • What Effects Should I Expect from CBD Gummies?
    • The same as tincture or a capsule. Less stress, anxiety, and pain.
  • How Does Edible CBD Work?
    • Edible CBD works like food in that you must chew well and swallow it. They do take more time to break down than tinctures because they must travel through the digestive system and liver.
  • How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?
    • It depends on the person. Everyone varies.
  • How Long do the Effects of CBD Gummies Last?
    • CBD gummies take about 30 minutes to kick in and you will feel the effects for 6-10 hours

Can a Hemp gummy get you high?

While Hemp seed gummies have been shown to have a higher concentration of THC than CBD gummies, it is unlikely that you are going to get high off hemp gummies. Due to the nature of the companies that are marketing these gummies they are more concerned with keeping levels of all effective cannabinoids very low so that they can keep selling them on popular platforms.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

You have options when it comes to CBD. You can choose to take one dose per day or take half that amount twice a day. And as with any other health aid, everyone is different. The good thing is you cannot overdose on CBD.


If you are looking for quality CBD gummies that will enhance your health and happiness it is always best to go to the source. A reputable CBD company will provide you with Certificates of analysis, so you know what you are getting when you take their products. At Fiddler’s Green CBD we are a “soil to oil” company, meaning that we grow our own CBD rich hemp strains and make potent full spectrum and THC free gummies meant to be used by those wishing for benefits to their physical and mental health. We love talking CBD, so if you are in the market drop us a line and we will be happy to help you find the product that is right for you.

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