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1500mg CBD Oil Review

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1500 MG

I received the below message from one of our subscribing members. It is very rewarding to be able to add clarity to confused customers and point them (or a buddy) in the way of the right solution.

Since becoming a person who now believes and uses Fiddler’s Green CBD products I find myself in conversations with family, friends or even people I come in contact with who could benefit from CBD.  Recently I wound up in a conversation with a buddy who also suffers the aches and pains of life.  I started describing my usage of the 1500 MG CBD Tincture.  How it helps with my occasional aches and pains and swelling as well as the side perk of a better nights sleep.  I almost feel like a salesperson but its only because I genuinely believe in the product.  I was about to start in on the cost and product comparisons when my buddy stopped me and asked a question I had very little information about.

He said “Tincture?  Doesn’t that have alcohol in it, possibly as a stabilizer, I don’t drink anymore man?”  Well that caught me off guard.  Searching back in my mind to science class and my conversations with my sister, who makes her own tinctures, I seemed to recollect that a tincture was a raw essence diluted and stabilized in an alcohol solution.  I later went to the dictionary.  A tincture can be a dyeing substance, a vestige or trace but what rang the bell was an alcohol solution of a nonvolatile medicine.  So now I wondered about my 1500 MG CBD Tincture.  I contacted my certified CBD rep at Fiddler’s Green CBD and confirmed no alcohol in it.

The Rep went on to discuss 1500 MG CBD Tincture is an industry standard term.  In all actuality it should be 1500 MG CBD Oil.  The CBD essence is extracted to a minutely refined oil.  Because that would be to concentrated and bitter it has to be diluted for better absorption and they use a coconut oil.  I said “So I should actually be calling it 1500 MG CBD Oil?”  He said “Yes!  The coconut oil is used as a carrier oil.”  Ok? What is a carrier oil?  My rep went on to state that a Carrier Oil is the same as a base oil or vegetable oil and is used to dilute essential oils for their safe usage/consumption.   He went on to tell me that they use all natural MCT Coconut oil as their Carrier oil.

Hmmmmm, actual knowledge from a company rep.  Then my rep let me in on a little secret, not only is he the rep but he is the farmer who grows the CBD Hemp and the CEO of the company and has a degree in Zoology/Biomedical Science.  Wow, old school personal integrity and service from a modern company.  I have missed that.

So I went back to my buddy and passed on the education I received that it is in fact 1500 MG CBD Oil.  No alcohol and only pure natural ingredients.  We continued our discussion and when we parted I gave him a card for Fiddler’s Green CBD.  I told him if he called he too could speak directly with the CEO.  I asked him to let me know how the 1500 MG CBD Oil worked for him.  I was just curious since it worked for me.

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